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By Cynthia Mitchell 04 Jan, 2018
Your answer to this question is IMPORTANT! If you don't have an answer at all, that's a big problem. Internet search is growing by leaps and bounds, now with voice search and virtual assistants like Alexa, your visibility online is more important than ever.

Here are 3 tips you can use to help you strengthen your online marketing campaign:

1. SEO - SEO ( search engine optimization ) should be the backbone of your online marketing strategy. Having your website and online profiles optimized is extremely important. All the other marketing you do for your website will work much better if your site is properly optimized. Your social media marketing, pay per click campaigns and email marketing all will be improved by a fully optimized website.

2. Social Media Marketing -  Social media can be a great online marketing tool if it is used correctly. You want to pick the right platforms for your industry and target market. You also want to be sure that you keep it regularly updated with fresh, helpful content. You should also include links, important keywords and images in your posts. You may also want to consider doing paid social media advertising. This can be especially effective when promoting special offers, coupons, new services and events. 

3. Online Reputation - Having a positive, robust online reputation is important. Google your business name and see what comes up? If it's nothing or negative information, this can devastate your business. You also have to move beyond the mindset of just avoiding negative reviews. You need strong visibility online that highlights just how great your business is. Engage your customers and encourage them to post reviews for you online. Be sure to follow up your services with satisfaction surveys to ensure your customers are happy. This also allows you to remedy any concerns they may have before it ends up in a negative review online.
By Cynthia Mitchell 06 Oct, 2017
Effective 10/4/17 campaigns will be able to spend up to double the average daily budget that you set. Google says they made the change to help you reach your advertising goals, like clicks and conversions. Still, many advertisers are not even aware of this change and many who are, are not happy about it. They did also state that you won’t ever be charged more than your monthly charging limit.

Be sure to read the whole policy change so that you can make informed decision. Click the link below for additional information.


By Cynthia Mitchell 28 Sep, 2017
Getting traffic to your website can seem like an overwhelming task. There is so much competition online and getting in front of your target market can be challenging. Still, it is important to monitor your website traffic and actively work on increasing it. 

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