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By Cynthia Mitchell 15 Dec, 2016
The New Year brings so much change, excitement and reflection. It's a great time to review and evaluate your online marketing and website as well. Sometimes even small changes can make a BIG IMPACT. Here are 3 website musts for 2017:

SOCIAL MEDIA UPDATES: Stay up to day with social media trends. New social media sites present themselves all the time. It's important to take advantage of them when there is an opportunity to reach your target market. Expand beyond the standard Facebook & Twitter. You may want to consider Pinterest, Instagram, Periscope, Snapchat and local social sites as additions to your social media marketing strategy. 

RESPONSIVE & MOBILE-FRIENDLY: If your site is not responsive and does not create a mobile friendly user experience, it can cost you clients and ranking. Google does often penalize websites that are not mobile friendly and visitors may have a difficult time navigating your website.

SECURITY FEATURES: Be sure your site is secure for both you and your visitors. If you collect any sensitive information on your website, be sure that you add a secure connection to your website. Also, be sure to add CAPTCHA to your online forms to help protect you from spam and bots. If your direct email address is on your website, you may want to consider removing that as well to help prevent spam and email spoofing. 
By Cynthia Mitchell 12 Jul, 2016
Email marketing should be a strategic part of your overall marketing plan. This does not mean putting an email sign up link on your website is all you need to do and your work is done. If you are not actively collecting, updating and utilizing your email marketing list(s), then you are missing out on a huge marketing opportunity. Most email marketing platforms allow for easy uploading, customization, integration and reporting. Here are 3 reasons why you should use email marketing to help your business grow...

1. STAY TOP OF MIND: This is a great way to remind both past and potential clients what is so great about your business. Staying top of mind is key when it comes to marketing and growing your business. Don't let customers forget about you and why they should do patronize your business.

2. EASILY TARGET MARKET SEGMENTS: With email marketing, you can create specific lists to target different market segments. For example you can  target certain industries, past customers, age groups or gender groups with email marketing by creating specific lists for them. Breaking up your email marketing into segments can help you increase your open and conversion rates. 

3. AFFORDABLE PRICING: Compared to many other types of marketing, email marketing is very affordable. You can e-blast special offers, news or new services and products without spending a fortune. You will increase the value of email marketing even more by utilizing all the features that your email marketing provider offers. Even if you have to pay a firm to help you with your e-blasts, this is still an incredibly affordable and effective way to market your business. 
By Cynthia Mitchell 27 Apr, 2016
We are expanding our current services by offering web design for WIX sites. These sites are very affordable and offer customization, optimization and easy self-management after your site is completed. It is important to us to offer our clients various options to meet the variety of needs they have. We will design your site to be user friendly and marketing focused. E-commerce options are also available. 

Our WIX website packages start at just $400. The websites are fully responsive as well. Feel free to contact us to to learn more about our WIX website packages or to get a free quote. 
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